Very light color can look bright and strong when it appears on every surface in the room.

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However, two or more pastel colors closely related to medium light can create a
luminous effect when used in the same room. Just test the colors on a wall, in small
An important tip among the tips for choosing paint: don’t be afraid to go beyond
your comfort zone. Always consider bold, vivid colors or soft, deep neutrals such as
chocolate brown or olive green as the main or accent colors.
It is also possible to think about ceilings , using a stronger color and radically
changing the room.
Did you see how simple it is to assertively choose the paint to renew the look of the
environments? To match paint colors in environments, you need to know a little
about the chromatic circle and keep in mind that furniture and decorative
objects are also part of the process, but how to choose among so many paint
color options available on the market? And what are the best shades for each
We have separated some tips and tools to make your choice easier, after all, a
new painting can be the ideal solution to redesign the decoration of
the house without having to renovate or change furniture, in addition to being a
very economical option.