Cooling System – Air-Water Exchanger

In the air-water exchanger system, the internal refrigerant medium will continue to be the internal air circulating through the hot parts Gates AX22 Tri-Power Belts of the machine and the external refrigerant medium is composed of water. The efficiency of the thermal exchange of the cooling system with air-water heat exchanger is very good and is generally as efficient as an open machine.

This exchanger, which is known as the radiator, is usually installed on the top of the machine, and depending on the available space at the installation site, it may be mounted on the side or under the engine. In this cooling system the electric machine is normally closed, and can be manufactured in degree of protection IP55 or IP56.

According to the IEC standard, when the machine offers one or two internal fans mounted on the shaft, the cooling system is called IC W 37A81, and will be a self-ventilated and closed machine. According to the same standard, when the machine has one or two fans driven regardless of the axis of the machine, the cooling system is called IC W 37A86, forming a machine with independent and closed ventilation.