What is the difference between wall paint and floor paint?

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Junior explains that the first consequence for those who apply floor paint on the wall is the
loss of the product warranty. “If there is any problem, such as stains, the person will not be
entitled to the factory warranty”.
Another setback, in this case, is that the finish is not adequate. “The floor paint has a more
rustic finish. When applied to the wall, the result is not pretty”, said Junior.
In addition, anyone who thinks that the product suitable for flooring will guarantee greater
durability when applied to the wall is mistaken, as this surface needs a paint that resists bad
weather. And the product developed with this feature is exactly wall paint.
The technician also points out that the floor paint was developed to be more resistant to
abrasion. “The floor paints were made exactly to resist the coming and going of people and
vehicles. They are prepared to receive this type of friction, which does not happen with wall
Therefore, painting flooring with wall paint will only cause damage, as the surface will need to
be painted much more often.